Purchasing Appointment

The next step is to make your image design appointment. Images are usually available to view within four to five days. Before you go to your appointment, take the time to measure your walls and approximate what size portraits would look best. Remember, many frames will add 6” to the size of the space needed to accommodate your portrait. Also, look over our price list to familiarize yourself with our packages.

Our Image Presentations and Sales Appointments are conducted in a comfortable space where your images are shown on a large screen. You will place your order at the conclusion of the Sales Appointment. We will assist you in creating an order customized to your needs.

Your Image Presentation appointment is scheduled for 60 minutes in duration. While it doesn’t always take that much time, we don’t want you to feel rushed while selecting your favorite images.

At the beginning of the session, you will view all your images in a slideshow set to music. Please, don’t concern yourself with trying to remember which are your favorite poses. This is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

  • After the initial slideshow, each image will be displayed one at a time, and you will decide whether or not to keep that image. This will help to narrow down your choices. If there are two or more similar poses, and you like them, say yes to all of them. Don’t worry about changing your mind after you delete an image from your group, the images don’t go into a black hole, and they can be retrieved.

  • During the third go-round viewing your images, you are able to put similar poses side-by-side to further scrutinize your choices. This process is repeated until you have narrowed your pose choices down to suit your portrait package.

  • Once you have decided on your portrait poses, we can help you visualize each choice in varying sizes.

  • This is also a great time to review your holiday card, birth or graduation announcement needs and allow us to pre-design a card that is just right for your session.

  • Please invite anyone who is a decision maker, and anyone else who may want to order portraits, to your Sales Appointment.

  • Although everyone’s welcome, some clients find it’s easier to concentrate on their images if they provide alternate care for young children as they can get bored and restless.

  • Due to the custom nature of the work, we request that you pay for your portraits in full at the time you place your order. 

  • Your order will be completed three weeks after it is placed. We will call and notify you when your portraits are ready to be picked up.