Helpful Tips for your Session

Make your child’s portrait day fun, and try not to worry before the session. Children feed off of your emotions, and if you are stressed-out and frustrated, your child will be as well. Yes, clothing and hair are important, but realize sometimes you just need to let the little things go. Most of our work is casual and comfortable and more suited to relaxed images. We may sacrifice a perfect pose to get something that really expresses your child’s essence. We love to capture images that portray the love and energy you share as a family.

Make sure your child is well rested. Try to schedule your appointment for the time of day when your child’s at his or her best. Some children are morning people while others are not. 
Be sure your child is not hungry, and bring a small snack, just in case. Avoid messy snacks that might stain clothing. 
If your child is not feeling well, it’s best to reschedule the session. 
Don’t over stimulate your child the day of the session—no trips to the zoo or any exciting outings before your portrait session.


  • Avoid clothing that is busy or has large logos. 
  • Solid colors or small prints are best for children. 
  • Casual portraits look great when a child is wearing play clothes in solid colors or soft pastels.  If more than one child is in the portrait, color coordinate their clothes.
  • We don’t recommend white as general rule because it reflects light, and tends to make the subjects look larger. 
  • We don’t recommend strong patterns because they can be distracting in an image. 
  • For fall we recommend medium to dark tones of black, green, brown, rust, wine or blue. For spring and summer medium tones in blue, green, pink, purple, tan or brown look well.  Darker shades tend to be more slimming, while lighter colors or flesh tones can drain color from the face. 
  • Long sleeves and slacks are best, and denim always photographs well. 
  • Please wear outfits that fit well.  Clothing that is too tight or too loose will not hang properly and may have too many folds or creases. 
  • Dress from head to toe; poses may include your feet.  We also love bare feet so if you are dressed more casually, we may have you remove your shoes.
  • Make sure undergarments (unwanted straps, etc.) are not showing as they cannot be removed later. 
  • Tan lines and sunburns cannot be fixed without expensive artwork. 
  • Feel free to bring in a favorite toy or special prop that will make the portrait more meaningful.
  • If a pet is going to be included in the portrait, be sure to bring a travel kennel or another person to handle the pet when it is not being photographed.

Other important information:
We recommend that you wear make-up no heavier than you would for an evening out.  Even if you don’t normally wear make-up, we recommend a light foundation and power to reduce shine and even your skin tone.  (Powder is great for guys, too, and no one can tell you’re wearing make-up.)
 Wear your hair the way you like it best.  If you plan to have a haircut, try to schedule it at least a week before your session in case you don’t care for the results.  Also, a fresh cut may reveal un-tanned skin during the summer.  Gentlemen – come in with a fresh shave.  Five o’clock shadows cannot be retouched.  Very light hair spray will tame loose ends that may catch light and show in a picture.
Jewelry should be kept simple and to a minimum.  Absolutely no wristwatches, and avoid bracelets because they can be distracting.
To avoid extra art fees, please remove any nail polish, band-aids, stickers or temporary tattoos from your child that you don’t want in the image. Trim, file and remove old polish from your finger and toenails.  These things cannot be fixed or removed later.
Lotion prevents your skin from looking itchy and dry. 
If you wear glasses, speak to your optometrist about borrowing an empty pair of frames in your style, or ask them to temporarily remove your lenses.